What It’s Like Being an Undergraduate TA


I am a 19-year-old Drexel student and a sophomore Psychology major and I get to be an undergraduate Psychology teaching assistant (TA). A teaching assistant is someone who may play a role in the class, facilitate activities, observe students, evaluate their strengths, and serve as a resource and answer questions they may have.


I got to be a teaching assistant for my Developmental Psychology class and will now be able to be a TA for a Physiological Psychology class. By being a teacher’s assistant, it is really up to you and the professor as to what role you may play as a TA. You get what you put into it, to be quite honest. It was an incredibly valuable experience that taught me so much about Psychology and just teaching in general.


In becoming a TA, I also got to learn so much more about the topic and was able to really immerse myself in Developmental Psychology — I am excited to do it once again with Physiological Psychology. This whole experience was so incredibly eye-opening and such a great learning experience.


You also get to create professional relationships with the faculty members. I am incredibly grateful that Drexel University’s Psychology Department was able to give me this opportunity. It helps me prepare for future opportunities, was an invaluable learning experience, helped create strong mentor relationships, and made me so much more grateful that I chose Drexel University.

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