West Philly Gems


It’s easy to stick to the comforts of Drexel and its immediate surroundings, but there are many gems to be found west of campus that students may be missing out on. West Philadelphia is a growing hotspot for hanging out, dining, and all those things in between. As a student who has lived in West Philly for the past 3 years, I’m here to highlight some of the spots to hit when venturing off-campus.

West Philadelphia is a growing hotspot for hanging out, dining out, and all those things in between.

Mariposa Food Co-op
Mariposa Food Co-op has been my go-to grocery spot when it comes to natural food items. A staple of the West Philly community, Mariposa is a small-scale grocery store offering up fresh produce and a hearty selection of organic groceries. They also have a small but robust wholesale foods section, so it’s perfect for those who want to start a “no package” way of living. I love the selection of healthy snacks they have!


Clark Park
For those looking for a prime picnic spot, Clark Park is your place. Located on Baltimore Avenue between 43rd and 45th Streets, this chunk of land is dedicated to a luscious green space that’s perfect for a chill, sunny afternoon. Many West Philly events are hosted in the park, as well as a weekly farmers’ market on Saturdays. Make sure to have a seat for a bit if you’re ever in the area!


Satellite Cafe
Satellite Cafe is one of many, many cafes in the West Philadelphia area. Located below a bicycle shop on 50th and Baltimore, this cafe is, quite literally, a hidden gem. Satellite offers up a wide range of coffee and tea, as well as hearty selection of small bites to eat. It’s got all the edgy quaintness that West Philadelphia is known for and is the perfect place to cuddle up with a good read and a cup of coffee.


Honest Tom’s Tacos
Arguably my favorite spot to eat in West Philly, Honest Tom’s is the go-to if you’re craving a classic burrito or taco. I love this place and have been dining here since freshman year, always impressed by the quality of the food. With outside and inside seating, it’s the perfect spot to grab a bite and people watch.


Lil’ Pop Shop
What is dinner without dessert? After grabbing a bite at Honest Tom’s, hop right next door to Lil’ Pop Shop. This boutique popsicle shop offers up a wide variety of uniquely flavored popsicles, small dessert bites, and some coffee variations. It’s the perfect place to grab a pop and hang with friends on a summer evening.


These are only a few of my favorite spots in West Philadelphia; if I tried to put all my go-to’s in one list, I’m pretty sure it would never end! Use your time at Drexel to explore what off-campus Philadelphia has to offer, such as all these West Philly gems.