The Culture at Drexel

Campus Life, City-Living

Coming from Georgia, I thought my move to Drexel was drastic — though it is nothing compared to the thousand-mile distance all the international students face.


Every time someone asks me why I chose Drexel, I talk about the diverse culture that I wanted to be a part of. Everyone here has a different story to tell and comes from a different background, though it is still easy to make deep connections and relate to everyone on a different level. I find it very interesting to understand everyone’s perspectives on different aspects of life and how their upbringing has affected their outlook on life.


On my residential floor alone, I have friends from Kazakhstan, Israel, and Russia. My RA has encouraged us to share our stories and immerse everyone in our own cultures. I believe this aspect of Drexel has given me a different experience, which many other colleges would have lacked.


Personally, this has motivated me to become part of Jewish life at Drexel. Every week, there are Hillel dinners and an amazing community of people to talk to. In addition, Drexel is a part of the Birthright program, which allows Jewish students to travel to Israel for free. I have already met a tight community here that I will hopefully travel to Israel with next winter.


Drexel celebrates every culture and religious group and encourages everyone to join affiliated clubs. I have even had the opportunity to watch my friends, who are a part of Drexel Dandiya, dance for Philly’s Premiere Garba-Raas Team. Seeing everyone’s passion for their culture is extremely inspiring.

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