Opportunities at Drexel: L’Oreal Case Competition

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I came into Drexel as a business major with my future set on marketing for a beauty-related company. LeBow’s College of Business sends out e-blasts every week with different events, projects, and opportunities that business students at Drexel can partake in. After reading about a case competition in one of Drexel’s emails for the makeup company, L’Oreal, I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity.


L’Oreal hosts an innovative competition every year, where they design a contest to help benefit the company as a whole. This year’s case involves designing eco-friendly packaging to reduce the consumption of plastic in the beauty industry. My team is currently in the first stages of designing our own packaging and marketing it towards L’Oreal and their audience for this competition.


Drexel always has different networking events, panels, and other resources for all types of students. For example, we attended one of the Pennoni Honors College Panels for reducing waste in the earth’s ecosystem. This allowed us to not only retain important information for our competition but also to network with professors running the panel.


In addition, professors and advisors here are great resources and always willing to help any of their students. My business professor has agreed to help advise our group in making it to the finals for L’Oreal’s case competition in Paris.


The resources and opportunities at Drexel are endless and can push you as far as you strive for in the direction of your career. I definitely encourage anyone here to take advantage of all the opportunities at Drexel and push yourself in a new direction.

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