Music as a vehicle for inspiration

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What’s the problem with too many interests? The thing is, with an interest in everything, you want to DO everything. That’s why I picked the major Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This is my way to narrow down my focus now, so that I can open it back up to anything and everything later in life. I will be able to have the skillset and mindset to start something in any of my vast interests. Although my interests are broad, my passions are more focused.


My biggest passion to date: Music! Music is a tool that allows anyone to convey and feel emotions. It is a creative, expressive, and simply beautiful medium. One of my lofty goals in life, one of my purposes, you could say, is to somehow help ignite fires within people. Fires of inspiration and passion. I hope to (through my music) encourage people to find their calling in life and to strengthen their personal drive towards their passions. I want to help show them the resources around them and guide them in seeing how they can best utilize their surroundings! I believe that there is always a way to do what you need to do; sometimes you just have to look for the path.

I have been able to be a part of the incredible music network in Philadelphia

I have been writing music for the past 4 or 5 years and have just in the past year or two gotten comfortable performing in front of others. Having been able to make connections to different groups on campus, I have already been able to collaborate on awesome projects, such as the Hoops for Hope Drexel Event, a Penn Alumni Event video, and social media audio clips for the Close School’s marketing company, Argyle Interactive. Even with personal projects, I have seen so much amazing collaboration. At open mic nights around the city and with Drexel students across campus (including Errick Davis!), I have been able to be a part of the incredible music network in Philadelphia.


Personal music projects have become even more fun, as I am able to collaborate with the new musicians and artists I have met. Currently, I am working on a lively project on SoundCloud. I wrote a song about a year and a half ago called “Music in You.” The lyrics of this song describe the idea that some people simply have music within them, and they can’t help but get it out — through singing, lyrics, playing instruments, dancing. After working with Errick Davis on a few versions of this song, I got the idea of having these lyrics open to ALL musicians. Music is a collaborative and creative thing. My thought on the project: “How cool would it be to see how one start (the lyrics and melody) could turn into so many different beautiful and unique creations?” When I get the tracks back from my many musically involved friends, my plan is to upload them to a SoundCloud playlist so anyone can enjoy the project and hear all of the many talented folks around Pennsylvania and even throughout the country! (I am still excited to have more musicians get involved with this project and many more — contact me and I’d be more than happy to collaborate!)

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