I’m 17 and own a luminary business!


I’m 17 years old and a sophomore in Drexel’s Close School of Entrepreneurship. With the support and mentorship of my professors, I started a business selling eco-friendly, flameless, and reusable luminaries. The entrepreneurship major has allowed me to receive timely and relevant instruction on how to best operate and market my business. My first two terms at Drexel, I got to take the Life Strategies series of courses. I learned how to create a personal brand and how to tie that into the brand of my product. In all my entrepreneurship courses, we get to look at case studies. I’ve learned so much about myself and my business from reading those cases and analyzing them with my professors and friends.

Without the help of my classmates, my business would never have been nearly as successful as it is

The Close School’s culture is one of its most unique qualities. The administration has fostered an environment of collaboration and support. I’ve received that from my professors, but also from students. Often I will go to my fellow Close School students for help with my business. For example, a massive bug shut down my website one morning. I immediately called two of my Close School friends who had experience with WordPress websites and they helped me get the site back up in a matter of hours. Without the help of my classmates, my business would never have been nearly as successful as it is.


The Close School has given me incredible opportunities to promote my business and product. I met J.J. Ramberg of MSNBC’s “Your Business” show and received incredible advice from her and her staff. I was also featured on a Drexel TV show and two nationally broadcasted radio shows. The Close School also provides plenty of networking events, where I’ve met brilliant mentors and fantastic business partners. The frequent pitch competitions supported by the school also help to hone our pitching skills. I get so many great ideas from watching other students pitch their ideas!


Drexel is a perfect fit for students like me who have always been a little different. I chose Drexel because I knew there was support and acceptance of students who didn’t want a traditional business degree and wanted to start a business while still in college. I’ve received the best mentorship for my business and the best education for a successful career at Drexel’s Close School of Entrepreneurship.

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