I couldn’t have attended a better program

Academics, City-Living

Picking the right graduate program to attend was a very difficult task. Although I had a few universities to choose from, I am now fully certain that I made the right choice when choosing Drexel University.


I soon realized that the faculty and staff in my department would be excellent professors and advisors. Each of the professors I have had here is extremely qualified to teach the course, and is very willing to help you outside of class hours if needed. The professors that teach these courses not only include very qualified faculty, but also adjunct faculty, who are usually currently working in the industry and are very respected in their field.

I feel as if the Drexel faculty really attends to student needs, especially when it comes to the courses that are offered

In addition to the excellent staff, I feel as if the Drexel faculty really attends to student needs, especially when it comes to the courses that are offered. Even though there are a great variety of courses every quarter, the department members are always gauging student interest and do all they can to meet student needs. For example, recently, there was a Flavor Chemistry course that the majority of the students really enjoyed taking. Once our department members received the student feedback, they considered asking the Flavor Chemist to come back and teach an advanced course. In my opinion, actions like these really have a positive impact on the students and really make our program unique.


I have also noticed that the department has great connections with a number of Philadelphia area food companies and organizations, as well as many others across the nation. Because of these connections, my peers and I are often exposed to great opportunities and experiences. I have met many professionals through events at Drexel, as well as through meetings and conferences that our professors encourage us to attend. We are also encouraged to go on site visits that are offered throughout the year. During these opportunities, we are accompanied by a professor and are given a tour of the production facility of a nearby company.


At Drexel, I feel that I am receiving a solid education that will allow me to be a very competitive candidate in the field. Through all of the knowledge I have gained here, the networking opportunities that have been provided, and the many opportunities I have had while attending this university, I know I will be successful in the field after graduating with my MS in Food Science.