History is Part of Who I Am


Studying history at Drexel has opened up many new ways of thinking about the world for me, and has changed the way I think about myself as well. When I first came to Drexel, I expected that I would basically be reliving my high school experience, just with a more flexible class schedule. While I am still challenged, it in no way resembles anything that I expected.


Instead of memorizing facts and dates, I am encouraged to think about the “why” of events and happenings in history. Instead of sitting in lecture halls, my classes have been small and discussion based, which has allowed me to home in on how I present my arguments. Studying history at Drexel is unlike studying history anywhere else, and not just because Philadelphia has such a great historical background. The department is constantly working to find new co-ops and job opportunities relevant to our studies, which adds to the wraparound effect that studying history has had for me. The wraparound effect, for me, means that history doesn’t just exist in the classroom – it is something we do everyday, manifested in the way we think or how we interact with the world around us.

Studying history at Drexel is unlike studying history anywhere else

I also get to know my professors and do not feel that I am just another face in the crowd. I feel that my input is valued outside of class as well, and that I am always communicating with my professors and the rest of the department, whether it is about academics or about student life. The History Department at Drexel also makes every effort to treat what they do as more than a major, with teach-ins about historical events affecting current affairs and opportunities to socialize with other students and faculty in the department.


I came to Drexel expecting to go to class, study for exams, and write papers. Instead, I have a major that is more than what I study; it is part of who I am and plays a large role in my daily life. I am proud to be a history major at Drexel.

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