Exciting and Inspiring

Campus Activities

I did not realize what Drexel had to offer until I came here. I was aware of the different opportunities that studying in the U.S. would provide me with, but only when I came here I got to know what these opportunities really mean to me. You learn not only in classes but also outside when you take part in events and meet with new people. There is something for everyone. Whether you like debating or are a Star Wars fan, there is a student organization for you. And if you don’t find something that you really like, there is always the opportunity to start an organization yourself. Drexel has a very diverse community and there are many different cultural organizations for you to be a part of and learn from.


I am currently a sophomore in Software Engineering. I am taking my major-specific computer science and software engineering classes. Starting the fall term, I am planning to begin my accelerated program where I will be taking graduate-level classes along with my bachelor-level classes. Since photography is my hobby, I also took some classes to learn more about the technical and theoretical aspects of photography.


Outside of my classes, I work with a start-up in Drexel University where I am helping them develop their mobile application, I play intramural soccer, and am a part of the table tennis club. I regularly take part in programming competitions outside the school to improve my skills.


All in all, my Drexel experience has been very rewarding and has exceeded my expectations. Reading about all these might sound good but the real joy is in experiencing it.

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