Drexel’s consulting classes empowered me to start a company


I came to Drexel for its emphasis on experiential learning. During my freshman year, when my professor talked about how she ran classes that acted as a consulting agency for outside companies, I knew I had to take one. I had the opportunity to participate in a class competition for the US State Department to help counter violent extremists’ recruitment of college students over the Internet.


After weeks of research, we developed five neutralizers that would counter the recruitment efforts. We synthesized those principles into an email called The Daily Boost for the campaign, which was a daily newsletter that delivered a student spotlight, events around campus and Philadelphia, and a feel-good story from the news. Though we did not make it to the final round of the competition, we decided to keep the project going based on the positive feedback we received.


Since then, the project has evolved and become a startup run by some of the people who started it. Instead of creating the content ourselves, we empower content creators with our optimization software that suggests words with a high emotional charge for a given piece of content. I believe that this experience, amongst many more, would not be possible anywhere other than Drexel.

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