A childhood dream that became a reality

City-Living, Cooperative Education

When I arrived at the NovaCare Complex for my interview with the Philadelphia Eagles in April 2014, it set in—I was close to living out a childhood dream. Following a grueling selection process, I began working with the Football Operations department in July 2014 as the Football Operations Intern. In this role, I was given the opportunity to spend time on the field with the Philadelphia Eagles charting statistics and other real-time information used by the Eagles coaching staff. In addition to my on-field experience, I worked directly with former coach Chip Kelly’s Chief of Staff and Director of Player Development to develop scouting reports on prospective draftees for the 2015 NFL Draft.

Without the Drexel co-op, I would not have had this opportunity, which has led me to believe in a promising future in the sports industry

Following my co-op and the duration of the yearlong internship program, I was hired to work anywhere from 30-85 hours a week depending on the time of the league year and for the duration of the 2015-16 NFL season. I had the opportunity to stay in the team hotel during training camp, assist the players, strength and conditioning staff, and support staff; I even had the chance to work with the Eagles coaches for a full year, developing daily training reports for each position coach.


Through my co-op, I was able to add another full year of experience with the Eagles. My time with my childhood dream team, from July 2014 to January 2016, showed me not only the ins and outs of a premier professional sports team and organization, but it also taught me a lot about myself. In addition to learning about the business side of football, scouting, and performance science, I was able to learn about what it takes to succeed in this industry.


Through many early mornings in the office before the sun came up and late nights after the sun went down, I learned about personal accountability, teamwork, and leadership. Though 80-hour workweeks were difficult to manage while attending Drexel full-time, I never once thought twice about the commitment I made, which was to represent myself, my school, my city, and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Although my co-op was only six months, through hard work I was able to continue on with the Eagles for another year and a half, and it was the best experience I had ever had. Without the Drexel co-op, I would not have had this opportunity, which has led me to believe in a promising future in the sports industry.

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